Terrance Tracy

Bio: I am a retired electronics technician Retirement has not been a pleasant experience, I enjoyed my work as a technician however, the onslaught of Parkinson's disease has kept me imprisoned to frequent visits to various doctors reception rooms. Throughout my public school years I have always enjoyed literature; but I never pursued reading poetry, shame on me, I found that writing poetry is a cathartic experience. Most of my poems are based on different Scriptures in the Bible. To those who never read the Bible should do so because the Scriptures of prophecy are poetic and inspirational. I enjoyed reading Emerson's essays which inspires me to write some of my poems as glimpses of genius thoughts that pass through my mind. Glimpses of genius thoughts I attribute to the Holy Spirit. I also recommend reading Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem: The Psalm of Life. I am in the process of acquiring a library that will keep me growing as a poet by reading the different styles of writing poetry in the manner of some of the classic style and free-form poetry. I have yet to understand the modern style of poetry that lack rhythm. I am speaking of the style that sounds like rap songs in prose but I guess to each his own.

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