I Will Not Leave You Orphans


The sailor knew he was in the wrong part of town, lost and without bearing; he ambulated through the alleys of despair, for he knew he was getting nowhere.

“For at the window of a house a man peered through the lattice and saw among the simple a young man devoid of understanding.”

Plotting a passage to escape the snare the sailor knew darkness and evil surrounded him and he could not stay there, he must find a way for a course that was true.

Over the years, the passage of time caught up to the sailor, and the darkness void of light, delivered the sailor to his knees surrendering a sea bag of morals; he arose from the altar and followed the chart for now he knew the correct source to keep him on course.

Knowing that his Redeemer was 2000 years dead he read of the resurrection that would keep his course in the right direction.

His Redeemer made a promise for all heard his divine word, “I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.”

The sailor tried to steer his own course but error found him in a situation much worse.

For when the light grew dim, the Comforter consoled him with the anchor of the soul; I am your Redeemer I have made you whole.

 I will not leave you as an orphan to wander off course, the light is brighter when you navigate by the light of grace, replot your course for I will not leave you as orphans to be defiled and abandoned, for I am your Redeemer and I will be with you to the end.

Terrance Tracy