One may ask why is poetry necessary to convey the word of God in poetic form?

For me to answer that question I am of the opinion that inspiration for a work of art is unique to the artist not necessarily to the eye of the beholder, because  the interpretation of the beholder may vary. One sees an abstract work of art in one way and another person may see it entirely different; only the artist that painted the picture can explain the true beauty of his inspiration. Poetry is very much the same, to the author the inspiration of his work are glimpses of inspiration that quickly appear and inspire the author to paint his picture in words of poetic verse. Poetry is an art form in which the author cannot leave his product alone, each time the poet reads his own work he is challenged with an endeavor to make his art form convey exactly that which is in his heart,  with clarity of thought. Like an artist painting a picture, each stroke of the brush may not satisfy their contentment of the finish work of art. One misplaced stroke can change the whole picture and frustrate the artist. That is the paradigm that every poet and artist contends with in achieving satisfaction of their craft.

I often find myself wanting to change each poem that I have written, falls in the category that Emerson illustrated in his essay on Self-Reliance; to till his parcel of ground until he has given it his best. We should not strive to give in to conformity but have the exuberance of a youth that cares not where his next meal comes from he just expects it to be given.

 Whenever I read the Scriptures a glimpse of inspiration may have taken form in my thoughts and I can see the beauty of the word of Scripture, that is often prophesied in poetic form, I seize the moment for I know the Holy Spirit is  at work in my thoughts, that is why I do not consider myself to be the author I only write what is in my heart at that time; sometimes it comes faster than I can write and I may have ended the poem too soon leaving the reader without a clue as to what I am writing about. Sometimes I may have written the poem too long however, I am not in the habit of telling the Holy Spirit enough is enough.
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Terrance Tracy